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EASTWIN was found in 2001 to take up the distributorship of MJ Research Inc. in Hong Kong and China.

EASTWIN consists of two registered companies, EASTWIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED in Hong Kong and EASTWIN LIFE SCIENCE INC. in Beijing. Our mission is to become a leading service provider in the biotechnology field in both Hong Kong and China. We aim to provide one stop service to all customers which covers products, installation, technical training, after sales service and application support. Though we have a relatively short history, we have gone through quite a big challenge in the past few years. Our sales jumped from USD 2 millions in 2002 to USD 23 millions in 2008. We expect to maintain a double-digit growth in the coming years. We are proud that our effort and strength has got very definite recognition from the market. We started with 2 small offices in Hong Kong and Beijing and now we have grown up to a stage with very extensive coverage of the Hong Kong and China market. We have sales offices in key cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xian, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Tianjin, Hong Kong, and etc. We have also set up a laboratory in Beijing for Research and Development, demonstration and workshop.

While we have very strong coverage of the market, we are very focused on the product lines carried. Our belief is that being focused will bring us strong synergy and success.

Our current portfolio includes products from Advanced Microscopy Group (AMG), BIOplastic BV, Harvard’s BTX, Carestream, Cleaver Scientific Ltd, Finnzymes OY, IKA®, New England Biolabs® (NEB), Sartorius Mechatronics, Sartorius Stedim biotech and  TECAN®. It is quite a balanced portfolio and we will continue to recruit synergistic product lines in our portfolio to make our base stronger for further development.